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How to avoid these 6 Mistakes When Upsizing to a New Home

Moving to a new home is an exciting journey, but it can also be stressful and intimidating. To ensure that your move goes smoothly, it’s important to plan ahead and avoid some common mistakes that many people make when upsizing to a new house.

  1. Not factoring in repair costs - Before you make the final decision on buying a new house, make sure you take into account any repairs or renovations that may be needed once you move in. While most of these costs can be budgeted for, unexpected expenses may arise which could put a strain on your finances.

  2. Settling for too little space - When deciding on the size of your new home, make sure you get enough space to accommodate all your needs without straining your budget. Consider the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you will require as well as any extra living spaces like entertainment rooms or offices that would make life more comfortable for you and your family.

  3. Not researching local schools - If you have children, then research into the local schools in the area before making your purchase decision. Talk to other parents about their experiences with the school system and read online reviews to determine which option is best suited for your family’s educational needs.

  4. Skipping a professional inspection - Have a professional home inspector review the property before signing the contract so that any major issues can be identified and addressed before moving in. Their expert eye will provide invaluable insight into potential problems with electrical wiring, plumbing systems, and structural components that can save you from costly repair bills down the road.

  5. Overestimating insurance coverage - It’s important to understand what kind of insurance coverage is required by law when upsizing to a larger property and how much additional coverage will be needed for personal possessions such as furniture and appliances. Make sure you shop around for competitive rates before committing to an insurance policy so that you’re getting the best deal possible while still being adequately protected against potential accidents or disasters.

  6. Underestimating storage requirements - Don’t forget to factor in storage space when upsizing to a bigger home so that all of your belongings fit comfortably within its walls without feeling cramped or cluttered up unnecessarily. Consider adding shelves or cupboards within each room as well as investing in self-storage solutions if there aren’t enough closets or cabinets already built into the house itself.

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