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Why Your Home Isn't Selling

The question of the day is, How are there properties that don't sell even in one of the hottest markets ever? Price, Location, Condition, Marketing. 

Location:  Whether you are looking for a nice area to raise your family or a home close to your work, location is the biggest reason a home doesn't sell. Also looking at how close your home is to a highway or busy street, can help determine to price. Your agent can help you correctly price based on the location of your home! 

Condition:  A lot of people like move-in ready homes! They don't want to take the time to paint the walls or update the floors. Even 5-10 years ago, the house may be outdated enough to have a set-back. Floor plan can also play a huge part in condition! 

Price:  Price will always be a major factor in how fast your home sells! If it is overpriced, it will take a while to sell. Prices continue to accelerate here in Northwest Arkansas so it's hard to keep up. If you are not getting showings, you are probably not in the right price range. When overpricing a home, you can play the waiting game. How long will that take though? A lot of times, that isn't the best way to sell a home. After a while, people start to wonder why a home has been listed for 6 months. If the location isn't ideal, if the home is priced correctly, your pool of buyers will become much larger. 

Marketing:  Marketing is so important because you can have the best house in the world, but if you don't get eyes on it, game over. Sometimes just putting a sign in the yard, isn't enough. To get your home the exposure you need, you will need to spend some money. Hiring an agent or team who can afford to do this, can be a game-changer! Put yourself in a position so you can CHOOSE the offer that you are looking for.

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