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We are excited to inform you about the exciting market exclusive program we have implemented! This program is called the "Limbird Agent Bonus", specified as (LAB) within the MLS.

What does it mean for me as a seller? We market to Realtors, too!

Most companies market only to potential buyers. This program markets to licensed agents offering them a CHANCE to be eligible for any agent who sells a LAB home to receive a $10,000 Bonus Commission just for selling one of the Limbird Team's "LAB Bonus Homes." This incentivises agents to show and sell your home fast!

How it works: Every participating home has a notation in the MLS remarks - This is a "LAB" Home. When enough participating homes successfully close, we will pay a $10,000 bonus to the selling Agent/Brokerage. Upon closing of the 40th LAB home, we host a LAB party with all participants and play a game for them to win their bonus! 

Are you ready to sell your home with us? 

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